A complex installation built as a museum of non-space and an investigative study at the threshold between reality and mental landscape. A Return comprises of text, visual work, composition, narrative, audio, video, publication and constructed tableaux. The concept behind the installation is to highlight the importance and validity of internal space by presenting  ‘evidence’ that has been dragged from a notional reality into the ‘real world’, a presentation of the fantastical in a slightly mundane manner.

A Return

A Return


The Chronacair Suite by D.Fyans

Within each human mind, there exists a vast kingdom. Constructed from light and thought, this kingdom contains every space we have inhabited and is populated by, potentially, everyone we have ever met. The topography of this space is fluid and complex, the room in which we spent our childhood exists in the same suburb as where we first fell in love, we felt scared, we felt happy, we first fell apart, connected by non-euclidean arcades and corridors.

5 Years ago, in response to seismic changes in my psychic landscape, I produced an album titled ‘On Becoming An Island’ which was released on Highpoint Lowlife. I have decided to go back to the island and curate an archive of information, data and conjecture.

The Island is not realised as a utopia or a pure interpretation of my own mental space but more a creative investigation into the scope of possibility when constructing and inhabiting notional space.

A Return




The Robinson Transmission by D.Fyans

A full transcript of The Robinson Transmission can be viewed here (.pdf opens in new window).